In-House Designers

The designers who make most of our designs

Mita Frosthagen

Co-Owner & Designer

Happily married to David for 25 years and a mother of five beautiful children.

I have always been creative and loved design of all kinds but for many years, due to my choice of being a stay-at-home mum when the children were young, my creations were limited to home and family. I have been a web designer since the days when most people had to go to an Internet café to get connected and just love how the business is ever changing and ever innovating. There is always something new to learn.

First in my life is Jesus, my Saviour and Lord. Without Him I would be nothing.

Hennie Frosthagen

Co-Owner & Designer

Hennie is a young woman who finished her college education in 2018, where she studied media. Currently she works as a graphic designer. In her free time she enjoys playing around with Photoshop, reading, and being an introvert. You would never catch her in a crowded place if she could choose.

Guest Designers

Designers who have honoured us with their creativity


Celine is currently studying animal care at Broomfield Hall. In the future she wants to work more with animals and her favourite ones are bears and elephants. She is always around other people and enjoys company. Her hobbies are drawing, baking and spending time with the family dogs.


Jane is currently studying English and Maths at college. 

She is also regularly featured as a model on our website.


Aymie is a Christian blogger with a talent for writing. 


Lee is a fourteen year old, with an interest in many subjects. He spends his time learning about big cats, Adobe Premiere Rush, animating and film studies. 

In the future he is interested in Film Studies at a higher education course.

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